Saturday, 28 July 2012

General Studies Bits

Cinema was invented in 1895 by A. L. and L. J. Lumiere (France)
Alfred Nobel is associated with the invention of Dynamite.
Coulomb is the measuring unit of Electrical Charge
Dolomite, Calcite, Gypsum, and Flourspar are the ores of Calcium.
The study of alimentary canal or stomach, intestine and their disease is called Gasteroenterology.
The scientific/biological name of cow is : —Bos Indicus
The basic structural and functional unit of life is : —Cell
The instrument used to measure the electric current is called : —Ammeter
Aquaphobia is the term associated with : —Water
The universal blood group donor for all groups is : —Blood Group O
The blood group which is universal recipient is : —Blood Group AB
The vitamin which has cyanocabalamin is : —Vitamin B12
The chemical name of Vitamin D is : —Calciferol
Haematologist specializes in : —Blood disease
Which human gland does secret growth hormone ?—Pituitary gland
Farad is measuring unit of : —Electrical Capacitance
Photometer is the scientific instrument which measures : —Intensity of Light
Who invented Polio Vaccine : —Dr. Jonas E. Salk
Institute for Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences is located in : —New Delhi
The instrument which graphically records physiological movement (e.g., blood pressure/ heartbeat) is known as : —Kymograph
Who invented Ball-point pen ? —C. Biro in 1938
The instrument which measures strength of electric current is : —Ammeter
One Angstrom is equal to : —10-10 metre
Astronomical distance is measured in : —light year
Dynamite, Tri-Nitro Toulene (TNT), Tri-Nitro Benzene (TNB) and Tri-Nitro Phenol (TNP) and RDX are all used as : —Explosives
The heaviest element is : —Osmium
The opposition offered by a conductor to the flow of current through it is called : —Resistance
The use of Computers in Governance is called : —e-Governance
Mutation was discovered by : —Hugo de Vries
Sirenin is a sex hormone produced by : —Fungus
Mitochondria are present in all cells, except : —Bacteria
Sugar in blood and urine is tested with : —Benedicts’ solution
One byte equals to : —8 bits
Gas released during Bhopal gas tragedy was : —Methyl Isocyanate
Steel is mainly alloy of : —Iron and Carbon
Parkinson’s disease is characterized by the loss of nerve cells in the : —Cerebral Cortex
Which of the weather conditions is indicated by sudden fall in barometer reading ? —Stormy Weather
In India National Science Day is observed on : —February 28
Dry Ice is : —Solid carbon dioxide
WIMAX is related to : —Communication Technology
Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar awards are given for outstanding contribution in the field of : —Science
The main constituent of Biogas is : —Methane
Haematology is the study of disease of —Blood
The instrument used for measuring blood pressure is called : —Sphygmomanometer
Dim-vision in the evening and night results from the deficiency of : —Vitamin A
What does air bag, used for safety of car driver, contain ? —Sodium azide
Complete loss of memory is called : —Amnesia
In a dry cell (battery), which are used as Electrolytes ? —Ammonium Chloride and Zinc Chloride
Which types of waves are used in a night vision apparatus ?—Infrared waves
Nitroglycerine is used as : —an explosive
In the structure of planet Earth, below the mantle, the core is mainly made up of:—Iron
In the context of Indian wild life, the flying fox is : —Bat
Pearl is mainly constituted of : —Calcium Carbonate
By which process can the sea water be converted into pure water ? —Reverse Osmosis
The symbol of World Wildlife Fund is : —Red Panda
A flourescent tube is preferred to an electric bulb because : —in a tube electrical energy is almost fully converted to light
The inexhaustible source of energy of the stars is due to : —Conversion of Hydrogen to Helium
Vinegar is an aqueous solution of : —Acetic Acid
Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering is located in : —Bhopal
Borlaug Award is associated with : —Agriculture
The plant group which yields Taxol belongs to : —Gymnosperm
Poly house is used for : —Growing Plants
Second Green-revolution is related to : —Bio-technology
Gandak Project is a joint project of : —Bihar and Uttar Pradesh
For which desirable character is the transgenic crop golden rice produced ? —Vitamin A
Rainbow Revolution is related with : —Green Revolution, White Revolution and Blue- Revolution
Which is taken up by plants in least quantity ? —Zinc
Where was 1st Agriculture University of India established ? —Pantnagar
Nervous System of humans is divided into three parts namely : —Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous  System and Autonomic Nervous System
The second largest gland of human body is : —Pancreas
‘Insulin’ was discovered by : —Banting and Best in 1921
The polymeric fibre used as a substitute for wool in making synthetic blankets, sweaters etc. are : —Nylon
The most familiar form of radiant energy in sunlight that causes tanning and sun burning of human kind is called :
Ultraviolet radiation
Chlorination is a process used for : —Water purification
In which industry is mica used as a raw material ? —Electrical Industry
The chargeless elementary particles that travel close to the speed of light and are in nuclear reaction of beta decay are called : —Neutrinos
The oxides of which gases cause acid rain ? —Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulphur
In recent years, LASIK (Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis) procedure is being made popular for : —Vision correction

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