Friday, 28 September 2012

APPSC Group -1 Mains 2012 Cut off marks

On broad analysis keeping in view of the depth on the questions asked ,some minor changes in the pattern of the examination ( Paper-5) , the contemporary issues(Essay paper) and the expected way of presentation of the candidates as expressed after completion of each paper, the following cut off is expected.

Paper-1   90-110
Paper-2  85-120
Paper-3   95-125
Paper-4   75-110
Paper-5   95-120


  1. ADAMANA WARANGAL TO HYD MADYALO K.M LA ENTHA NUNDI ANTHA RAVOCHU ANI CHEPPANEKI...5 marks ante ok kane mari 20 marks thedana.dimakunde petava pai post.

    1. Thank you for your comment Challa Sridhar Reddy garu. Wait and see

    2. wait and see ante mening anti bro.vital

      Paper-1 90-110(20 marks)
      Paper-2 85-120 (35)
      Paper-3 95-125 (30)
      Paper-4 75-110 (35)
      Paper-5 95-120 (25)
      antha thedatho avarana cheputharu.dani kosam waite cheyadam anduku brother....APPSC Group-1 Mains 2011 Marks Analysis chala bagundi good work..

    3. Bro. Challa Sridhar Reddy garu wait and see ante 2012 Results kosam wait cheyadam brother. No other meaning in it brother.

      Last Group-1 lo 80-109 marks vacchina varu, paper wise
      Paper -1 2642
      Paper -2 328
      Paper -3 2178
      Paper -4 1213
      Paper -5 2149

      80-109 means 29 marks ; If we take over all marks into consideration, the candidates who got 440+ are 549 only.

      I posted the following expected marks

      90+85+95+75+95 = 440
      110+120+125+110+120 = 585.

      440- 585 means big margin. Any one can tell the expected marks with such a big margin. Brother u also agreed. That's what I posted brother. There is nothing wrong or illogical.

      Every one will not get equal marks in all papers. So I expected that much variation and posted the same brother. I also donot mean that topper will get 585 and least one will get 440. Marks may vary according to paper.

      One candidate who got 147 marks in Paper 5, (State 1st in Paper 5) was not selected for any post brother.

      One Candidate who got 113 marks in paper 1, (State 1st in Paper 1) was not selected for any post brother.

      One candidate who got 104 marks in paper2, (State 1st in paper2) was not selected for any post brother.

      One candidate who got 101 marks in paper 3, (State 4th in Paper 3) was not selected for any post brother.

      Like wise many examples are there brother.

      Brother DIMAKUNDE Post pettanu.

      Brother no one can presume the exact marks. All are only imaginary brother i.e., expected. In objective type the variation may be confined to 5 to 10 marks. But in descriptive type and that to with 5 papers the variation in expected marks will vary more.

      Several factors like valuation, Medium,Reservations, quality of answer etc. will play crucial role in getting selection for the post.

      At last Thank u brother for your comment on my post APPSC Group-1 Mains 2011 Marks Analysis.

      Brother one thing please encourage bloggers on APPSC because only a few are wasting their time for a good cause. Hope u can understand...

  2. 90/85/75/75/90 =405+ OC W....ANY CHANCE TO GET CALL..2008 SHE GET 60/67/70/99/134=430..write bettr then last time.

  3. Mr. Vital Kumar it is good analysis, so who will get 400+ marks will get call for interview

  4. Thanks a ton for your work Vitalkumar Pali

  5. any idea when they'll come out with the results??!

  6. bayya 2011 lo 449 (91+78+91+75+114) marks vochai.2012 lo 90+85+90+95+90=450 expect chestunna eesari open cutoff entha vundavochu.u r analysis is good .

  7. Challa garu Bc E mains cut off yenta vachindi please cheppa galaru

  8. Challa garu Bc E mains cut off yenta vachindi please cheppa galaru

  9. Sir challa garu whatis the previous cutoff marks for ST in maims.And what will we expect ST cutoff for the present notification.If you have any idea please guide us. Thank you sir.

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