Tuesday, 16 October 2012

AP Economy Bits: AP-Socio Economic Survey 2011-12 : Fisheries

Andhra Pradesh ranks First in Brackish water shrimp production.

Andhra Pradesh ranks First in Fresh water prawn production.

Andhra Pradesh ranks second in Fresh water fish production.

Andhra Pradesh ranks second in total value of fish and prawn produced.

Andhra Pradesh ranks Fifth in Marine fish production.

Andhra Pradesh is contributing about Rs.3,000 Crores by way of marine exports, which is nearly 40% of the marine exports from India.

The contribution of Fisheries sector in GSDP 2011-12 as per Advance Estimates is expected to be 2.54% at constant prices.

The production of fish/prawn in the state has increased constantly from 9.41 lakh tonnes in 2004-05 to 15.60 lakh tonnes in 2010-11.

Fresh Water Aquaculture in the state of Andhra Pradesh has to be undertaken by the interested farmers duly obtaining permission from the department of Fisheries.

In order to obviate the hardship of the fishermen during fishing ban period at sea in the months of April-May, Government of Andhra Pradesh has extended Relief measure to the affected fishermen families in the form of supply of  31 Kgs. of Rice  on free of cost for the (47) days Marine Fishing Ban period.

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