Saturday, 20 October 2012

AP Economy Bits: AP-Socio Economic Survey 2011-12 : Roads and Buildings

Among the different modes of domestic transportation systems, Road transport carries more than 80 percent of the Goods and Passenger traffic.

The total R&B Road Network in the State is 70,394 Kms as on 30-09-2011.Of this,
the National Highways constitute 4,730 Kms,
the State Highways constitute 10,470 Kms,
the Major District Roads constitute 32,205 Kms and
the Rural Roads  constitute 22,989 Kms.

The density with reference to R&B Road Network in the State is 0.23 Kms per one Square Kilometer and 0.86 Kms per 1,000 persons.

As on September, 2011 there are 17 National Highways in the State covering a length of 4730 Kms, of which
four-lane and above are 2047 Kms,
two-lane are 2318 Kms ,
Intermediate lanes are 116 Kms and
Single lanes are 249 Kms.

The density of National Highways is 5.59 Kms per lakh population (2011) in the State and in terms of area coverage, a length of 17.19 Kms is available for every 1,000 Sq. Kms in the state.

The Road Development Corporation was established in the year 1998 with an objective for the development and maintenance of Roads in the State and other allied and incidental activities there to.

The total length of the rural roads under Panchayat Raj engineering department is 1,38,781 Kms in the State as on 01-04-2011. Out of this,
Other District Roads consist of 5,506 Kms,
Major District Roads 1,096 Kms and
Village roads 1,32,179 Kms.

The surface details of the road length are CC Roads 3,586 Kms; BT 36,441 Kms, WBM 26,395 Kms and Gravel 72,359 Kms.

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