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Bits from Asst-BC-Social-Tribal-Welfare Officer -2017

Scorpion venom contains toxins which are  Proteins.
Sodium Carbonate is used   in   glass industry.
The sky appear blue  due to  Scattering of light.
Article 14 of the Constitution which   speaks about Equality before law applies within territory of India only.
Article 20 of   the Constitution  grants protection from double jeopardy.
India is a Quasi-federation.
Article 47 (3)    of the Constitution speaks about duty of the State to raise the level  of nutrition and  standard of living  and  to improve public health.
10, 5 members are there from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha respectively in the Joint Committee on Offices of Profit. 
In  the awards given  at 20th e-Governance Conference held  at Visakhapatnam, MietY for MyGov   won the sectoral award for digital transformation towards transforming India.
One of the features of e-sampark is    Sending  of informational  and   public service  messages   to  citizens  through e-mail/SMS.
In  2016,  in  the case  of Youth  Bar  Association of India (Yuva  Nyavaadula Sangham), the Supreme Court delivered a judgement that except in certain sensitive matters, in all cases copies of FIRs  shall be  Uploaded  to  the   police    website/State website within 24 hours of registration.
As per the monitorable targets of the 12th Five Year Plan, the targeted percentage of reduction of head count ratio of consumption poverty over the  preceding estimates is    10%.
The   target   recommended by   the Fourteenth Finance Commission for the combined debt  of States and  Centre as percentage of GDP is 62%.
The    Arogya     Raksha    Scheme   of    Andhra Pradesh Government is for People above  poverty line.
The    second    major   crop    of   cultivation in Andhra Pradesh in  terms of  share in    gross value addition  (GVA) is     Cotton.
The proposed GST rate on sugar is 5%.
The present Director of FBI is Andrew McCabe
Recently, in Kulbhushan Jadhav case, the International Court of Justice stay the death sentence awarded by a Pakistan Court.
GSLV Mark III D1    is   the heaviest rocket launched  by ISRO  till date.
The next elections for the post of President of India is going to be held on 17th July.
The Prime Minister has attended the  350th birth  anniversary of  Guru Gobind Singh in  the city of  Patna.
Ashwin Adhin is  the  name of  the Vice  President of Suriname who attended Pravasa Bharatiya Diwas in Bengaluru in January.
The  film La La Land got maximum Oscar Awards in the 89th Academy Awards function.
Justice Abhay  Manohar Sapre is appointed as the Chairman of Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal.
The Government of Jammu & Kashmir has issued a guest control order with effect from 01/04/2017 restricting number of guests at a wedding.
Ravichandran Ashwin was  awarded the Sir  Garfield  Sobers Trophy as  ICC  Test Cricketer of the Year, 2016.  
Electro Convulsive Therapy for minors is  prohibited  by  the Mental Healthcare Bill, 2016.
Under      My        Ituka – My       Amaravathi programme, the cost per brick   to be met by donors is < 10.
While      discharging    his     functions    under Section 8(3) of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization   Act, the   Governor has    to consult       Council    of    Ministers    of    State   of Telangana.
The report of Sivaramakrishnan Committee constituted by the Union Government to find out a new capital for Andhra Prades  suggested some loose options.
The  asset division on the   basis   of geographical location is disadvantageous and unfair to the State of  Andhra Pradesh because the  Major   economic    assets   built  in    the united State are  located in Hyderabad.
Andhra   Pradesh    State    Information Commission is  not considered by the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act as part of reorganization.  
The   10th   Schedule of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014 contains a list of Training Institutes/Centers.
Andhra Pradesh has the highest installed capacity of solar power among all the States of India.
The     ‘‘Project     Elephant” launched was in India in the year 1992.
Nagarjunasagar – Srisailam Tiger Reserve is  the largest tiger reserve in  India in terms of area.
Union Ministry   for Environment and Forests is   the   authority   to grant approval for use of forest land for non-forest purposes in India. 
The genetically engineered crop which  recently cleared  by  GEAC   as  safe   for  human consumption is Mustard.
Global    warming   would    make   the   Indian Monsoon Devastating and unpredictable Over  Antarctica region,  is  the major ozone hole of the Earth.
Simple language with basic information and steps to be taken is an   ideal   contingency plan for disaster management contain, for implementation by people. 
When there is likelihood that lightning would strike   People should not stand under trees
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is the central nodal ministry for management of epidemics.   
Land use  pattern is  a  man-made factor for landslides to occur.
RCC  Building with small windows and openings away  from the  pillars   would   be likely   to suffer  less damage during an earthquake.
The  Super Cyclone  which  slammed Orissa in 1999 was with an  approximate wind  speed of 270 to 300 kmph.
If Alleviate is to Aggravate, then Elastic is to   Rigid.
Himalayas are    the  youngest mountains.
The forests in Andhra Pradesh are mainly  Tropical Deciduous Forests.
The river Penna meet the Bay  of Bengal at  Utukuru in Nellore district.
Silent Valley  in Kerala is home   for the largest population of  Lion-tailed Macaques.
Deccan Plateau is formed mainly from Igneous rocks.
The  narrow channel of  sea   separating India and  Sri Lanka is called Palk Strait.
Simlipal bio reserve is located in    Orissa.
Portuguese were the first to enter to India for trade. 
The Sepoy Mutiny take place After 100 years of the Plassey War.
The  Governor General who introduced the office of District Collector is Warren Hastings.
Perceived threat    from    revolutionary nationalists  was the reason for enactment of Rowlatt Act.
Mohammad Ali Jinnah opposed  separate electorates for Muslims in 1906. 
Due to differences in Congress on entry of Indians into Legislative Assemblies, Swaraj Party was formed in 1922.   
Indian Independence Act, 1947 is   also   known as Mountbatten Plan.
Due  to condensation of water vapour in the atmosphere, the outside of a glass filled  with cold water become  wet.
The   yellow    silver bromide turn into Grey   colour when exposed to sunlight.
Due  to oxidation of an  enzyme present in apple , the open   portion  of  a  cut  apple turn brown when exposed to air.
The   enzyme Amylase  is found    in saliva is responsible for digestion.
The  amount  paid     as  incentive  by Government of Andhra Pradesh to a couple  in case  of inter caste marriage is  < 50,000.
< 2 Crore is    allotted   by    the Government of Andhra Pradesh in the Budget for 2017 – 18 for rehabilitation of Jogin women through APSCCFC Ltd.   
The Social  Welfare Department  of Government of Andhra Pradesh pay  electricity bills  in case  of Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe  households upto  50 units of  electricity.
 “OBMMS”  is     Online    Beneficiary    Monitoring    and Management System.
Andhra Pradesh  is  the first  State  to pass  an   Act  on planning,  allocation  and   utilization  of Scheduled Caste and  Tribal sub  plans. 
The percentage of subsidy granted  by Government of Andhra Pradesh to Scheduled Caste youth under the scheme of purchase of four-wheelers  (like   Toyota   Innova  or  Tata ACE) on loan  from APSCCFC Ltd. is 35%.
The constitutional provisions for upliftment of Scheduled Castes was grouped into   5 broad   heads.
Article 25 of  the  Constitution prescribes that   Hindu  religious institutions  of   public character  shall  be   open   to  all   classes and sections of Hindus.
SC/ST employees promoted earlier than their counterpart in general category by virtue or reservation shall be senior to general category in the promoted scale/post.
The right to conserve distinct language, script or culture is mentioned in Article 350 of the Constitution.
Grants-in-Aid to specified States covered under 5th and 6th Schedules is one of the economic safeguards provided by the Constitution for Scheduled Tribes.  
The    National    Commission   for   Scheduled Tribes was established through a Constitutional amendment.
For the purpose of inclusion of a  tribe under the Scheduled Tribes, apart from  others,  Registrar General of India has  to give consent. 
The   tenure   of    the   Chairman, Vice Chairman and members of the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes is 3 years.
The   time   limit   to   the   Public Information Officer for providing information to an applicant, when his life and liberty are under threat is 48 hours.
The time period till which  Lokayukta or Upa-Lokayukta can  investigate into any complaint on  an  allegation under the Andhra Pradesh Lokayukta Act is  6  years  from   the  date  of  the  alleged event.
The Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission has to be the former Judge of Supreme Court.
If   a   person  wants   to  set  up   a   minority educational  institute,  permission from the National     Commission    for    Minority Educational Institutions is mandatory.  
Lalitha Kumaramangalam   is    the   present   Chairperson  of   the National Commission for Women .
The  term  of  the  Comptroller and Auditor General is  6 years  except  in  cases where 65 years age   is  attained,  the  term  ends   before 6 years.
The meaning of “Dowry” under the Dowry Prohibition Act is any property or valuable security given directly or indirectly.
Under the Panchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas  (PESA)   Rules,  2011   framed  by Government of  Andhra Pradesh,  Village  Panchayat  will discharge the functions of village market committee in scheduled areas.
Under  the  Central  Sector Scheme for Rehabilitation of Bonded Labour, 2016,  the   amount  of   compensation   fixed    in extreme cases involving deprivation or marginalization such  as  trans-genders or women or children is < 3,00,000 .
Under   the   Scheduled   Tribes   and     Other Traditional   Forest  Dwellers  (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006,  Gram Sabha is the authority to  initiate   the  process  of  determining  the nature and extent of individual or community forest rights.
Under  the  Commission of  Sati  (Prevention) Act, 1987,  maximum term of imprisonment for glorification of Sati is   7 years.
Under the Protection of Civil Rights Act,  the following  would  be an  offence  under “untouchability” :
(1)      Refusing to sell  goods in ordinary course of business
(2)      Refusing  entry   to   a   private   temple where entry is allowed to all
(3)      Unlawful compulsory labour of removing a carcass
The Constitution is a Foundation law.
The Objectives resolution of the Constituent Assembly later on took the form of the Preamble.   
Bill on Pension to MPs even when their term is only one year was returned by the President K.R. Narayanan.  
If the Lok Sabha is dissolved, President acts   on advice   of Council of Ministers.
The Republic of India is a Result of declaration of will of People of India.
The   Constitution uses   the term Union to describe the Centre.
Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad was   elected as   the President of   the Constituent Assembly.
Picture of Elephant is present on the seal of the Constituent Assembly.
The     goal     of    Directive   Principles    is    to establish Welfare State.
Lakshadweep does     not   have representation in Rajya Sabha. 
On the grounds Violation of the Constitution, the President of India be impeached.
Speaker of the Lok Sabha is not a part of the Union Executive.
All revenues, borrowings and receipts on repayment of loans are credited to Consolidated Fund of India.
The   salaries of judges of High   Court and Supreme Court are charged to the Consolidated Fund.
In  the absence of Speaker or Deputy Speaker, Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha     chairs    the    Joint    Session   of    the Parliament. 
The    principle   “All   are    equal   before    law” mentioned in Article 14 of the Constitution applies to    Prime Minister.
If a party has   100 legislators (MLAs)  in  an assembly, as per anti-defection law,  34members are  required to create a break-away faction without attracting disqualification.
Union Public Service Commission was established in the year 1950.
only one Anglo-Indian can be nominated by the Andhra Pradesh Governor to the State Assembly.
Governor of Jammu & Kashmir can proclaim President’s rule in  Jammu & Kashmir.
If a person is convicted under the SC,   ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act,  He cannot contest in elections.
The creation of All India Services is prescribed in the Constitution in Article 312.
Election Commission     of India derives its powers as per the Article 324of the Constitution. 
22 languages are   recognized by the Constitution of India in the Eighth Schedule.
The   State of Punjab was   under President’s rule for the longest period.
Proportionate   representation   through single transferable vote is the method of election of members of the Rajya Sabha.   
Minerva Mills   is   the first case   in   which   Supreme Court explicitly stated that Judicial Review is part of Basic Structure of the Constitution of India.  
Judicial Activism arises mainly because  of the failure of Legislature and  Executive.
The fundamental rights “Right to Life and Liberty” are available to non-citizens also.
The President decides the number of judges in the High Court. 
All India Caste Associations is an example of National Integration.
Articles 245 to 255 of the Constitution of India deals with Centre-State relations in legislative matters.
The GST regime Enables States to be equal partners with Centre on tax matters Conducting Departmental examinations is not a function dealt by   Union Public Service Commission with regard to various services of the Union.     
The Finance Commission of India deals with     Sharing of taxes between Centre and States
In the Parliamentary  procedure, a  motion is a/an   Formal  proposal  by   a   member  to  do something permissible.
Rule of law is the force that moves the machine of democracy.
Chief Justice of India initiates the process of appointment of Chief Justice of a High Court.
Jawaharlal Nehru moved   the Objectives resolution in the Constituent Assembly.
The amount (in rupees) paid   per a Scheduled    Caste/Tribe     candidate     under the    NTR      Vidyonnathi     Scheme     to     a private coaching institute   for Civil   Services Coaching  is Rs.    2,00,000 /-.
How   much  percentage  of  marks  are   to  be secured by a candidate in his  Degree or PG (as applicable)    to  be  eligible under  Ambedkar Overseas Vidyanidhi Scheme ?  Cut-off system is followed.
Approximately, Rs. 29 crores paid  as compensation to tribal coffee growing farmers of  Visakhapatnam   district    for  loss   due   to Hud   Hud   Cyclone   (choose   nearest  figure in Rupees Crores).
The   lower age    limit   for persons belonging to PVTG   (Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group) for availing old age pension is 50 years.
The tribal religious festival was declared as a State festival during 2016 is  Sri Sri Sri Modakondamma Talli  Jatara.
Under the Ambedkar Overseas Vidyanidhi programme,PG and Ph.D. studies  can  be pursued in   USA,     UK, Australia,Canada and Singapore.
The annual family income   limit (in rupees) for a Scheduled Caste student to avail post-matric scholarship is Rs.2,00,000 /-.
The organization which implements the rehabilitation of   bonded labour scheme in Andhra Pradesh is Andhra    Pradesh    Scheduled   Castes Cooperative Finance Corporation Ltd.

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