Sunday, 14 October 2012

Indian History Bits

* Lala Hardayal founded the Gadar Party at San Francisco in USA.

*  Rashbihari Bose made an attempt on the life of Lord Hardinge in 1912.

*  Mob violence in Chauri chaura forced Mahatma Gandhi to call for the suspension of the Non- Cooperation movement in 1922.

* In Lahore Congress session, the demand for complete independence was first made.

*  Bhagat Singh raised the slogan ‘Long Live Revolution’ in the central Legislative Assembly, Delhi.

*   Aga khan led the Muslim deputation at Simla in 1906.

*The earliest reference to the Varna system was found in Rigveda.

* The workers organization Majoor Mahajan was founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

*  Harisena composed the Allahabad Prasasti of Samudragupta.

*   Barindra Nath Ghosh was the founder of Anushilan Samiti.

*  The Azad Hind Fauj was first established in Tokyo.

*   Madam Cama edited the journal ‘ Bande Mataram’ in Paris.

*     Chandragupta I was known as ‘Lichchavidauhitra’.

*   Indigo Revolt was regularly highlighted in Hindoo Patriot.

* The author of the book “Tarikh-I-Firuz Shahi’ was Ziauddin Barani.

*   Bal Gangadhar Tilak said ‘Swaraj is my birth right’.

*   Ibrahim Lodi was the last ruler of the Delhi Sultanate.

* Khan Abdul Ghaffar Kahan was the leader of the Khuda-i-Khidmadgar.

* Rana Sanga was Babur’s main adversary in the Battle of Khanwa.

*   Nasiruddin Chirag was a Sufi Saint.

*  Mahatma Gandhi had the 1st experience of mass movement in India at Champaran.

*   Sir Thomas Roe visited Jahangir’s Court.

*   Subhas Chandra Bose was elected Congress President for the second time in Tripura.

*    The Santhal Revolt took place in the year 1855.

* In 1761 the Marathas were defeated in the 3rd Battle of Panipat.

*  The Arya Samaj was established by Dayananda Saraswati.

* The permanent Settlement was introduced by the British in Bengal in the year 1793 AD.

*   Lord Dalhousie annexed Awadh in 1856 AD.

*  The Muslim League passed the Pakistan resolution in the year 1940 AD.

* Clement Atlee was the British Prime Minister when India received Independence.

*   The Royal Indian Naval Mutiny took place in February’1946.

*  Sir Cyril Radcliffe demarcated the boundaries between India and Pakistan as the Chairman of the Boundary Commission.

*   Harishchandra Mukerji was the Editor of ‘Hindi Patriot’.

  W.C.Bennarjee was the President of the 1st session of the Indian National Congress.

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