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AP History Group 2 Bits

The founder of the Ikshvaku dynasty was Shantamula-I.

Ikshvakus were the feudatories of Satavahanas.

Ikshvakus ruled the Andhara Desha between 225 A.D to 300 A.D

After the defeat of Pulomavi-III, Shantamula –I laid the foundation for Ikshvaku kingdom.

Another name of Ikshvaku king Shantamula-I was Vasistiputra Sri Santhamula.

The inscriptions of Vasisthi putra Santamula were recently discovered in Rentala and Kesavapath.

Matari Devi was the wife of Shantamula-I.

Virapurusha data is the son of Shantamula-I.

Adavi Shantisri is the daughter of Shantamula-I.

Harmyasri and Shantisiri were the sisters of Shantamula-I.

Santamula-I issued crores of gold coins and donated thousands of cows.

Santamula arranged laks of ploughs to bring land into irrigation.

Virapurusha Datta was the popular king among Ikshvakus.

Vijayapuri was the capital of the Ikshvakus.

Nagarjuna Konda is the modern name of Vijayapuri.

According to the puranas Ikshvakus were called as Sri Parvatiyas.

According to Vishnupurana and Jaina dharmamruta, Ikshvakus were the heirs of Buddha.

According to the Puranas, Ikshvaku dynasty consists of 8 kings.

According to inscriptions, Ikshvaku dynasty consists of 5 kings.

Nagarjunakonda, Jaggayyapet and Ramireddypalli inscriptions are the sources of history of Ikshvakus.

Prakrit is the inscriptional language during Ikshvakus.

Sivaskanda varma destroyed the Ikshvaku dynasty.

After the downfall of the Ikshvaku dynasty, the region to the south of river Krishna comes under the rule of Pallavas.

After the downfall of the Ikshvaku dynasty, the region to the north of river Krishna was ruled by Bruhatpalayanas.

Virapurushadatta married Rudrabhattarika, the princess of Ujjain.

Buddhism flourished during the reign of Virapurushadatta.

Pushpa Bhadra Swami temple at Nagarjuna Konda was constructed by Virapurushadatta.

 Bhattidevi, Rudra Bhattarika, Shantisri , Bapisri and Shantisri were the wives of Virapurushadatta.

Santamula-I is the 1st Hindu king to patronize Hinduism.

Ikshvakus constructed the 1st Hindu temple.

Konda Balasri is the daughter of Virapurusha Datta.

Bahubala Santamula-I is the son of Virapurusha Datta.

The reign of Virapurushadatta is said to be golden age for Buddhism.

Kandararaju issued Chejerla inscription.

Chejerla inscription tells us about wars between Ikshvakus and Anandagotrikas.

Elisiri constructed Sarvadevadhikasam temple for Kumara Swami.

Manchikallu inscription was found near Vijayapuri.

Manchikallu inscription is similar to the inscription of Nagarjuna Konda.

According to architecture of the Ikshvaku period, Virapurisha Datta is said to have destroyed the Sivalingam.

The social evil Sati sahagamanam is in existence during the Ikshvaku period.

Brihatpalayanas were the feudatories of the Ikshvakus.

During the Ikshvaku period, the trade guilds were called as Nigamalu.

Many Roman coins were found in Nagarjuna Konda.

Motupalli and Ghantasala were the important ports during Ikshvakus.

Ashtabhuja Narayana temple is located in Nagarjuna konda.

Temple architecture was initiated during Ikshvaku period.

The ancient name for Bhattiprolu is Pratipalapuram.

The ancient name for Nagalapuram, located in Palanadu is Halampuram.

Upasika Bodhisri’s inscription is an importance evidence about the patronage of Buddhism during Ikshvakus.

The temples discovered in the excavations near Nagarjuna Konda are Harati temple, Mahajana temple, Kumara swami temple, Pushpabhadra swami temple, ashtabhoji narayana swami temple.

The Mandhata sculpture was discovered in Jaggayyapet.

After Virupurushadatta, his son Ehubala Santamula born to Bhatti Mahadevi came to power and ruled the country for about 24 years.

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